Wedding in Italy - the ceremony of dream

Almost every little girl dreams of a fairytale, to try on the role of the princess. Make her dream come true can not prince but an ordinary young man who organized the wedding in Italy. This country is different from the other with temperament, rich culture and history, quaint architecture, stunning fragrant kitchen. It is difficult to find better place in Europe. In this state every corner is saturated with romance, so many couples from our country married here.

            Several variants for the celebration

The couple for six months before the event, and sometimes for a longer period, start to think about how to organize their wedding. To search the wedding dresses and suits is not enough, you need to select place, the kitchen and decide on the number of guests. There may be several variants of marriage abroad:

  • Organize your own wedding in Italy
  • Trust the professionals
  • To marry in our country, but honeymoon will be abroad.

In recent years, more and more couples prefer the second option, because it is better to celebrate on the spot that the long-awaited event will not break apart with tiring flights. In our country there are many tour operators with extensive experience, able to organize the wedding in Italy at the highest level. By the way, the registered in the territory of another state marriage in accordance with all of the laws, will be valid in our country as well. Turning to the company for the organization of celebrations abroad, you thus save yourself from the need to assemble their own packages of documents and get a marriage license. Besides, the question of legalization of marriage certificate will be resolved. Make it legal in our country will be able to apostille. To avoid further problems, it will be better to order immediately a translation of the document and to assure it of a notary.


After all the issues with the documents were agreed, you can safely proceed to the choice of city in Italy for the wedding. There can be a variety of options, from small cities to megacities. The garland belongs to Venice. Such popularity is quite simple to explain. Many bridges (400 pieces), the channels (150), ornate palaces, cathedrals, narrow old streets don’t leave you indifferent. It is important to mention the fact that it is here enchanting carnival, festival and Biennale are held. In addition, Venice is a maritime city, so that the newlyweds will have the chance to soak up on the Adriatic coast. VIP Wedding is held in Venice like this:

  • couple married in the Greek Orthodox Church or in the Cathedral of San Marco. You can choose any other temple complex if desired.
  • then there is a wedding registry.
  • then they go to the dinner by gondola or water taxi. If desired, in this city you can always order a wedding gondola with several gondoliers.

There are a lot of options to vary this marriage. For example, it is possible to organize a festive feast in one of the posh palaces or get married in the middle of the channel on a gondola, or celebrate a wedding on a large galleon, going strictly by advance stipulated route.

      The second city in the list of popular places in Italy for the celebration is Verona. It is located on the banks of the Adige river. It is famous not only for the fact that here Romeo and Juliet lived, but also for many medieval and the Roman Empire’s monuments. Verona is interesting for newlyweds because then you can register your marriage on the balcony of the house where Juliet lived, and celebrate your marriage near her tomb. For romantic natures it provides the registration in a medieval castle, built in the 13th century. Then you can go for a walk to Lake Garda.

      In third place in the ranking is Florence. Cultural intelligentsia used to marry here, because here many world-famous people, including Boccaccio, Michelangelo, Botticelli were born and created. This city is considered to be the center of the Renaissance, an open-air museum, decorated with the works of sculptors, painters and architects. The wedding ceremony here can take place in one of the famous palaces.

The fourth position is occupied by Rome. Here the principle is triggered: a match made in the eternal city, destined to become the same. To register your marriage, you can in the monastery, which is located inside the Baths of Caracalla, near the Vatican. In Rome, you can realize any dream that relate to wedding, as far as the imagination will suffice.

      Milan ends the top five. Here you can buy a brand wedding dress and beautiful suit for the groom, since this city is the capital of fashion. It will be able to take registration on the lake Orta in a private villa or in a palace of the Middle Ages. Immediately banquet can be arranged.

Special attention should be paid to Lake Como. The ceremony can be organized on one of the villas located on the coast, built in different eras. In them, the couple will be able to feel like a king and queen. The wedding will take place in an atmosphere of comfort, flowers, amidst beautiful natural landscapes. A perfect frame will be: rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, date palms, lemon trees.

            In addition to these cities VIP wedding can be organized in: Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Siena. And this is not a complete list of locations for the wedding in this fabulous country. It is not important which of them would you prefer, a fairy tale with a service at the highest level will be arranged. Only on wedding day in Italy, near the majestic castles and palaces, girl can feel like a queen. And finally, her dream come true.


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