Wedding in the country of love

The state, whose name is associated with love is France, it will be the ideal place for VIP wedding. Here, the whole ceremony and banquet will be imbued with the romance and European style. This ceremony, filled with luxury and splendor, will be remembered for a lifetime, because there is all to carry it out: the high level of service, countless places suitable for marriage. But the most important thing is not it, but a long, rich history of Christianity and revered worldwide temple complexes. This wedding ceremony can be held in them immediately after registration. An additional nice bonus is the ability to go after the banquet to spend a honeymoon on the Atlantic coast or in the majestic Alps.

            A fly in the ointment

Those who decided to organize your wedding in France and has already started to look through wedding dresses and try on costumes, should know that the valid marriage in this country can have only those people who have lived in France for at least 30 days, and can provide before the ceremony all the necessary documents. Moreover, it may be necessary to have even medical certificate. It is the reason that the citizens of our country buy organizing of imaginary VIP wedding. No, of course, all actions are performed but this marriage is not legitimate. If you are not able to hold on 30 days before the wedding in the territory of the French state, it will be better to marry in our country, and here to order the imaginary wedding.

            The places are very popular for weddings

In France, as in any other country, there are many places for VIP wedding. The undoubted leader is Paris. Here not only a fabulous ceremony, photo session against the backdrop of the majestic, the world famous architecture and fine cuisine are waiting for the newlyweds. Wedding in the city can be organized:

  • On the Champ de Mars. This area is located near the Eiffel Tower. Here not only foreigners, but also Parisians prefer to marry.
  • In the garden of the Tuileries. Scenic park is not far from the Louvre. You can arrange the most beautiful photo shoot, capture yourselves on the background of neat landscapes, manicured ponds, rich green vegetation, flowerbeds with bright unusual colors. Besides, you can have a walk along the architectural monuments.
  • In Luxembourg Palace. This complex has a vast territory (over 26 hectares), so walking through it, the couple will not be bored for sure.
  • In the Garden of Ver-Galan. This romantic area is an island in the middle of the Seine River. Staying here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre Palace.

Also, a gala dinner in Paris can be arranged in the hall of one of the floating restaurants or even the theater.

In recent years, lovers of our country have begun to book the VIP wedding in Provence. This is not surprising, because is difficult to find in France a more attractive and simultaneously romantic place. To organize a wedding in Provence can be in the style of: knight, country, medieval. Here, the couple will be able to enjoy:

  • silence
  • color
  • comfort
  • incredibly beautiful scenery
  • lakes, castles, lavender fields
  • an exquisite menu includes: seafood, fruits, vegetables, excellent wines.

If you dreamed of a stylish romantic ceremony in the historic area, it is difficult to find a place in the world better than Provence. Here you can gather all the relatives, friends, and spend with them unforgettable days. All invited to the VIP wedding have the opportunity to settle in the castle-hotel. There will be many of them in the territory of Provence.

Those newlyweds who want something unusual, it may be advisable to hold a wedding in Disneyland Paris. This complex will arrange a holiday from the childhood. It will be decorated with lots of balloons. Lovers, like small children, can spend hours riding the rides and eating the ice cream.

Azure coast will fit anymore for lovers of elegance, prestige. They will be able to have VIP wedding in: Nice, Cannes, Saint-Tropez. A truly royal venue for the wedding is considered to be the Palace of Versailles. Marriage can be organized in one of its rooms or in the park.

The perfect celebration

If you do not want to have the wedding on their own organization, these efforts can be always instructed to professionals. In recent years, the service - turnkey wedding – has the increasing popularity. This service will save you from many troubles. It includes:

  • Development of a detailed scenario of the celebration
  • Drawing up the menu
  • The selection and design of the venue
  • Organisation of the program
  • The meeting and the location of the guests
  • Selection of transport
  • Firecrackers and fireworks

You can order a normal VIP weddings and stylized action. In this case, performances by famous bands and artists can be arranged. The only thing that is required at such an event is to enjoy the atmosphere and each other. The highlight of such wedding can be a declaration of love in an unusual way. The message will be read during the flight on the wings of a nearby aircraft, or high in the sky, standing on the ground. The words are displayed in large letters in any flying vehicle. The couple will remember it for a lifetime.

In such country as France, there is everything and more to organize the perfect wedding. Travel here to conclude a marriage.

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