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Whatever heights the wedding organization has not reached today, and no matter how much creativity there was in the celebration itself, all an all, the main decoration of the event of a new family creation is the bride. The bride should become an epitome of sophistication, femininity and fidelity on holiday. If you like no one else understand it, and during several years have helped brides to dress for the wedding, but you do not know how else to impress beautiful women who are going down the aisle, the exclusive wedding dresses from EVA Herman are what you have been missing all this time..

The company understands that planning of wedding celebrations does not begin with booking a banquet hall or compiling the guest list. It begins with the purchase of an ideal and excellent in quality attire for the bride. By EVA Herman brand such wedding dresses have produced for many years in Israel. They will be the embodiment of a dream of every girl, because they have been thought out to the smallest detail, they will be able to create a perfect image in such an important day. Women customers of your bridal salons cannot see such dresses on other girls, as they are sewn in a single copy. In our collection you cannot find two even slightly similar to each other's products. Each dress is unique; it is able to hit by:

  • sophistication
  • original style
  • excellent quality
  • decoration

On the pages of EVA Herman online store a huge range of diverse wedding dresses from the manufacturer, from youth, classic models and ending with extravagant style, is always waiting for you. Due to the exclusivity of dresses bought from us, you will attract to your bridal salon almost all the beauties of the city, which are going down the aisle. All you need is to buy wedding dresses wholesale from us. It will be hard to find qualitative and exquisite dresses for brides. We will make every effort to ensure that you could purchase the most beautiful, trendy and current wedding dresses when you will need it. To finish the dresses any decorating elements, beginning with sequins and rhinestones, lace, and ending with natural stones and pearls, can be used. Each new dress is developing with all the responsibility. It does not use standard templates, but only creative ideas, meet the fashion trends. In the exclusive wedding dresses from EVA Herman every bride will look especially. It is thanks to our spectacular dress the wedding will be remembered alongside to all invited guests.

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EXCLUSIVE 2017          
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