There is an omen that bride should not rent a gown wedding dress, otherwise, she can wear a dress with the bad energy of the previous owner and repeat her fate. You can believe it or not, but we strongly agree that every bride should have her own tailored wedding gown that nobody in the entire world has. That's why our company was made.

Gown dresses by Eva Herman are the real extravaganza of colors, patterns, and styles that will not leave indifferent any client of your salon. In addition to the traditional white color, we offer a wide range of hues from light pastel to bright accents.

We always create individual wedding image for each bride. After all, wedding dress bridals should not only emphasize the dignity of women's figure and conform to all bride's requirements, it should also reflect all its uniqueness and be that “dream wedding gown”. For several years, our company perfectly copes with this difficult task by sewing exclusive dresses. Only expensive and exclusive fabrics are used in our collections.

We offer the varieties of models and sort out the silhouettes and sizes. After that comes the tailoring. It is extremely fast — just 3 weeks and a perfect wedding dress is done! Moreover, when buying a dress, you receive catalogs, veil, and cases for free!

Obviously, it is rather complicated to choose the most beautiful bridal wedding gown, especially when you buy it for your potential buyers, not for yourself. So, we offer the best of everything and even more! Check our website to find the outstanding gown wedding dresses and extra information.