The most attractive exotic countries for weddings

In recent years, nobody will be surprised with marriage in European countries, but in exotic countries it is unusual for residents of the middle band, where moderately continental climate dominates. To organize a romantic wedding ceremony on the white coast in any corner of the Earth is quite simply today. If before marriage in exotic countries could only be a dream, now it is a reality.

            A little about the nuances

Having made the decision to go to create a union in the country, located on the coast, the couple will be able at the same time to have the journey. Impressions, emotions received during the tour of the wedding, will be enough for a lifetime. The only downside will be the opportunity to take all the relatives and friends. But for the rest, you can always arrange a small celebration on your arrival home. Another caveat would be that at this wedding you will not wear a conventional wedding dresses, frilly costumes. As the unusual ceremony is planning, and the clothes should be appropriate. For weddings taking place on the shores of the sea or the ocean bathing costumes will suit, adorned with various plants and flowers. The most viable option - national costumes of the State where it was decided to marry.

            To find venue for an exotic wedding is not difficult.

On our planet there are many exotic countries, where it would be possible to conclude an alliance of two loving hearts. The choice is huge, and we will focus on the most attractive of them. According to many experts the most original, enchanting, very beautiful ceremonies organize in Thailand. All invited put on dresses, decorated with marvelous fruits and flowers. At the end of ceremony, the couple has a shower of exotic flowers, and puts beautiful crowns. A similar ritual is observed in India. If you want your wedding is shrouded in colors, it's worth to go here.

  • Marriage in Namibia. The state itself is unique and luxurious. It attracts travelers with deserts, mountains, jungles and the ocean. Such a natural harmony will not leave indifferent even the most pragmatic groom. The flora and fauna of the country is varied. Here you can see many exotic plants, antelopes, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, crocodiles, flamingos. Both simple and vip weddings, in African countries are accompanied by loud drumming on various musical instruments. Exciting dances are considered to be symbols of connection wife and husband. On the table at the time of the celebration beef jerky, lamb, ostrich eggs, fresh fruit, vegetables, large mushrooms are usually served. At the end of the wedding all the guests escort the couple to their home with lighted torches in their hands.
  • Ceremony in Kenya. In this country, it is adopted before the ceremony to decorate the feet and hands of the bride with ritual black and red specific drawings. These patterns will be held at least one year and will be the confirmation of the newfound status of women. For honeymooners from our country these figures will not do, that is why they are replaced with time.
  • Marriage in the Caribbean. Here, the choice of location for the wedding is large, starting with the Dominican Republic and ending with Antigua, Barbados, Barbuda. Endless beaches, endless green fields, the beautiful warm sun, blue sky will help to create a romantic atmosphere during the ceremony. Diversify your honeymoon, you can with: visits to wineries, tasting of hard liquor, traditional carnivals. Ideal for marriage in exotic countries is Barbados. It is considered to be the most developed of the islands, as it has a good infrastructure, high levels of public life. This area has become famous for the bright wedding ceremonies. No wonder that here most of all marriages are celebrates by citizens from all countries of the world. This area is ideal not only for wedding, but also for a honeymoon. You can not only spend time on the beach, but also see a lot of attractions and even swim with the big turtles, make fascinating unusual photo shoot against the backdrop of exotic landscapes of nature.
  • Wedding on the islands of the Indian Ocean. An unforgettable magical wedding here can be arranged on the Seychelles, the Maldives, Sri Lanka. At each of these paradises there are many luxury hotels, white sand, fantastic warm gentle sea, extraordinary, wild vegetation and rare fauna. The thrill and the sea of ​​emotions are guaranteed for those who want to organize a vip wedding in Sri Lanka. This island has managed to become a famous one both with a tasty fragrant tea, and rich culture, exotic animals, beautiful semi-precious and precious minerals. Wedding ceremonies here are bright, reminiscent of the show. They are sure to welcome the actors, dancers and drummers. At the end of the celebration the couple goes for a riding on elephants.
  • Marriage in Japan. Perhaps this state may be the most exotic place for the wedding of citizens of our country. Before the ceremony, a couple has to buy or rent traditional ceremony suits. Girls can make a special beautiful hairstyle. According to Japanese tradition, the couple exchanges with platinum rings. The difference is that gifts are given not only the couple, but also the couple gives small surprises at the memory to all guests.

Besides, vip wedding can be organized in the Philippines, French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti). Though they say that the union of two hearts makes in heaven, but why not celebrating a wedding in paradise, especially when all the conditions are created for this. The only thing that is required of you to decide on the country, the rest tour operators will make for you.

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